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February 18, 2013
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Modern Anthro chart by DezKay Modern Anthro chart by DezKay
So here is a new chart for #Modern-Anthro
I noticed in the comments for the previous one that the images weren't 'clear enough', I honestly didn't know if they could get any clearer than that, but I did understand I guess.
I personally disagreed with the percentages thing, because Anthro's technically are still animals.

Obviously not allowed as it is an Anthro group.

These are also not accepted in the group mainly because they are all in all still Humans, they just have the added animal ears, tail, etc.

This part is kind of difficult for me to explain. But if you take a look at the images, you can see the obvious difference that isn't aloud in the group: The Snout.
Medium to Large length snouts are what is mainly judged when accepting Anthros in the group. The group likes to define Anthros with large snouts as 'Classic' Anthros, and ones with shorter or very subtle snouts as 'Modern'.

This is just the Basic Reference for telling the difference between the types.
(I'd like to keep the description quite short as most of the rules are here >> [link] , this is just a chart)

If you are confused about anything, feel free to ask! :typerhappy:
(Download to see clearer)
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SmirkCat Featured By Owner Feb 7, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hm then I think I can't post to the group anymore - my charas have long snouts or no snouts :shrug:
... and what would that be?…
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